Monty Burns
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Monty Burns

The Simpsons

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About Him

Grew Up… happy. Believe it or not, this old curmudgeon was once a fun-loving, playful child. He left his pleasant boyhood with his 11 siblings to live with his rich and heartless grandfather, who spoiled him and taught him the ruthless ways of business.

Living… in Burns Manor, the largest mansion in Springfield, where his personal assistant and only friend Mr. Smithers dotes on his every need. Mr. Burns has every physical ailment and disease known to man, but with his bottomless pocket book he still seems to fight off death...kind of.

Profession… owner and manager of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He’s one of the richest men in Springfield, which in his case translates to being one of the most cut-throat. He spends most of his time dealing with his business and moving money around, whether making multimillion-dollar transactions or simply massaging the hundred-dollar bill in his pocket.

Interests… money and mayhem. He’s a sadist to the core. He loves seeing people squirm, bleed, and otherwise fear for their lives, especially at the jaws of his own personal hounds. One of his favorite catch phrases is “Release the hounds!”

Relationship Status… single. He has been engaged many times over the years, but the only important person in his life is Mr. Smithers. Although by all indications Mr. Burns is heterosexual, Smithers loves him romantically. Alas for Smithers, it’s just not to be.

Challenge… preserving his wasting body. He’s so frail that he needs his personal assistant Mr. Smithers to perform many of his basic needs, including bathing him, carrying him, and occasionally chewing his food for him.

Personality… something of an evil mastermind. When he’s not incapacitated on life support, he’s tapping his fingers together with an evil look and breathing out the word, “Excellent.” He has a soft spot for little puppies, but admits that he’d kill them as well. He’s tried to kill many citizens of Springfield on a number of occasions. Usually he fails.

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