Montgomery Scott
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Montgomery Scott

Star Trek

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About Him

Grew up… on Earth, in Scotland in the year 2222. He joined the Starfleet as an engineer, where he was assigned under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.

Living... on the USS Enterprise. He’s in the midst of a five-year mission exploring the final frontier and “boldly going where no man has gone before.”

Profession... chief engineer on the USS Enterprise. Scotty says he “never wanted to be anything else but an engineer.” He deeply cares about the ship’s well being and has a powerful bond with its sleek machinery.

Interests… Scotch whiskey. A true Scotsman, Scotty drinks the whiskey from his homeland and plays the bagpipes. He looks down on anyone who drinks anything but whiskey – especially wimpy drinks made of vodka. He likes to stay on his ship – not just because he loves it, but because anytime he steps off the Enterprise he gets himself into trouble. 

Relationship Status... single. Scotty loves the ladies, but he unfortunately tends to go after the ones who have no interest in him. This leaves him to spend a lot of lonely nights with his ship. Knowing the ship so well comes in handy when it’s under attack, but he’s a good enough engineer that he figures he can go on a date or two and still save the day.

Challenge... keeping the USS Enterprise in one piece. Scotty doesn’t always see eye to eye with Kirk when it comes to battle plans. Kirk goes all out and sometimes leaps into battles before making sure the ship can handle the challenge. Scotty’s job is to complain that the ship can’t take it…only to work one of his trademark miracles and get it up and running again.

Personality... smart, humorous, and dedicated. If you think you know better about engineering and repair, think again. Ranking means nothing to Scotty if you’re telling him how to do his job. With his sharp sense of humor, he often has witty comebacks for anyone trying to tell him different. He’ll stand his ground and fix whatever’s broken the way he thinks it should be fixed, whether it’s the Enterprise’s engine or a wobbly table.

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