Mitchell Pritchett

Mitchell Pritchett

    Modern Family
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the Pritchett family in Southern California. His mom is DeDe, who can be pretty kooky, and his dad is Jay, who is distant and reserved; they later divorced. Mitchell found (and sometimes still finds) it difficult to relate to his macho dad, who was slow to accept his son’s sexual orientation and lifestyle.

Living… with his partner Cameron and their adopted daughter Lily. The Pritchett-Tucker family lives in a nice home in suburban Los Angeles.

Profession… environmental lawyer. He is proud of how ‘green’ he is, and the legal side of his work suits his meticulous, detail-oriented nature. Mitchell is sometimes jealous of Cam’s stay-at-home lifestyle; he can get stressed out by his work and feels at times that he’s being left out of Lily’s most important developmental years. But really, he knows that he needs to get out of the house or he’ll go stir-crazy.

Interests… his work, his partner, and his daughter. When we was growing up, Cam enjoyed figure-skating and musical theater. 

Relationship Status… engaged to his partner Cam. Mitchell tends to be a little uptight and pessimistic, but he seems even more so compared to the carefree, theatrical and optimistic Cam. While they frequently clash as opposites, overall they balance each other well.

Challenge… letting go of old hurts to embrace his current life. Mitchell still nurses wounds from long ago, whether it’s his belief that his father doesn’t accept him for who he is or that his sister is too hard on him. Sometimes he forgets that he actually has quite a good relationship with them both as an adult, in addition to a loving partner and daughter. Basically, Mitchell needs to stop and smell the roses – which Cam probably cut just for him and put in a super-cute vase.

Personality… mild-mannered, high-strung, cautious, and responsible. Mitchell is also witty, with a sense of humor that is dry and somewhat dark. Mitchell is smart and steady, and a great guy to have in your corner.


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