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Mike Haggar

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About Him

Grew Up... on the streets. In his youth, Mike Haggar was a tough street fighter in the ‘50s and ‘60s. However, as he matured, he decided politics was a better way to enact real change.   

Living... in Metro City. Unfortunately his hometown is an urban wasteland full of violent gangs like Mad Gear.

Profession... mayor of Metro City. By promising to confront the violence, organized crime, and corruption plaguing the city, Haggar easily won the election and became mayor of Metro City. As he says, “It’s my job to keep Metro City safe!”

Interests... wrestling. Haggar is also an accomplished professional wrestler with the Capcom Professional Wrestling Association. He still practices his old moves to help stay in shape.

Relationship Status... unknown, but he is a loving father. Haggar is a big, tough guy, 6’7” and over 300 pounds, but he has a serious soft spot for his daughter Jessica. So he is furious when gangs try to get to him by threatening to harm her.

Challenge... cleaning up the streets. As mayor, Haggar’s top priority is cleaning up the streets of Metro City. However, for a job this tough, he brings on some hired help, like his daughter’s boyfriend Cody and Cody’s best friend Guy, who are both talented fighters. Haggar will even enter the filth himself. It becomes personal when Mad Gear kidnaps his daughter Jessica.                                                                                   

Personality... hands-on. Haggar will do whatever he can to protect his city and his family, and that doesn’t just mean passing tougher legislation. He will rip off his shirt, put on his giant belt, and beat up criminals with his bare hands if that’s what it takes. 

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