Michael Gold
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Michael Gold

The Big Chill

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About Him

Overview… an unstoppable whirling dervish of a man. A writer for People magazine, Michael travels the country interviewing subjects for his stories, and he never goes anywhere without his harmonicas and a reel of condoms. He’s been in journalism since his college days at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), and he wouldn’t mind a change of pace. He dreams of opening a club called “Elaine’s” – he just has to find an investor first.

Personality… chatty and witty, with an extremely high libido. Michael subscribes to the theory that people’s actions are always dictated by the deep-rooted impulse to get laid. He himself likes to party and be in the middle of the action, even as he approaches middle age. His wit is so dry, his moves so smooth, that ladies rarely catch on. It’s almost a shame, really.

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