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Max Black

2 Broke Girls

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Grew up… in a broken home. Max knows what it means to fend for one’s self, because she’s had to do it since childhood. She grew up without a father, and had to find a way to pay the bills as soon as she came of age. As a result, she’s a skilled and experienced waitress who knows all the tricks of the trade.

Living… in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with her friend and co-worker Caroline. Max and Caroline work so well as friends because they’re exact opposites: while Caroline only knows the finer things in life, Max educates her on the rules of the gutter.

Profession… waitress and aspiring cupcake chef. “Welcome to the Williamsburg Diner,” she tells her customers. “My name’s Max, because the hospital wouldn’t let my mother name me ‘Oops.’”

Interests… hanging with her newfound friend, Caroline. Max and Caroline, despite their small quarrels, have a good friendship. “She tells me everything,” says Max. “I know so much about her cycle I feel pressure to impregnate her.” 

Relationship Status… single. Men – who needs ‘em? With her cynical and acerbic attitude, it doesn’t seem like Max is a believer in the power of love.

Challenge… getting herself out of subsistence-level living by entering the cupcake business. Max bakes some of the best cupcakes this side of the Mississippi, and Caroline’s idea of creating a cupcake restaurant might just get them rich quickly. Besides, Max has nothing to lose: “I’m too poor to have fear of success.”

Personality… strong, hard-headed and sarcastic. Given her tough background and all the hard work she’s had to do to overcome it, that makes sense. Max doesn’t easily show her emotions because she’s spent most of her life bottling them up. “I don’t cry,” she says. “I sold my tear ducts to an organ bank for cash two years ago.”

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