Mary Ann Summers
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Mary Ann Summers

Gilligan's Island

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Living… on an uncharted desert isle three miles off the coast of Honolulu. When not stranded, Mary Ann is a farm girl from Winfield, Kansas. In Kansas, she pined for much needed vacation and a chance to finally see the world. She always feared she’d end up living and dying in Winfield like her family’s previous generations. Her dream finally came true when she won the cruise contest, though it quickly turned into a nightmare when her boat crashed during a three-hour tour. On the island, she shares a hut with movie star Ginger Grant. 

Profession… off the island, farm girl. As a teenager, Mary Ann was sent to work on a relative’s farm, where she would milk the cows, feed the animals, and do chores for her aunt and uncle. After that she worked in the Winfield General Store, which was owned by her father and managed by her uncle. Her hard work ethic and practical knowledge makes her an invaluable addition to the island.

Interests… romance novels and magazines. For her, they provided the escape she so desperately wanted from her sheltered farm life. It was actually in a magazine that she saw the application to enter the sweepstakes for a Hawaiian cruise.  Her other hobbies on the island include fishing, sewing, and baking coconut cream pies.

Relationship Status… single. In Kansas her friend Horace Higgenbotham aggressively courted her, but she only considered him a good friend. Nevertheless, she initially told the other castaways she had a boyfriend, before revealing that Horace was actually a real creep and not her boyfriend at all.

Challenge… not getting too used to the island life. Mary Ann is unique in that her life back home is far from pleasant, so she almost enjoys island life more than life in Winfield. She’s the least concerned with being rescued and simply wants to make life on the island as convenient as possible. She also wishes Gilligan would get a clue, though she’s the most forgiving of his clumsiness. Her good nature is sometimes prayed upon by the Howells’ scheming, but she’s generally well-liked by all the castaways.

Personality… upbeat, hard-working, lovable, and compassionate towards others. Mary Ann takes the island life in stride and maintains faith that they’ll be rescued eventually. She’s the most down to earth of the women on the island, and does most of the chores on the island without ever expressing resentment. She is the proto-typical girl next door.

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