Marty Funkhouser
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Marty Funkhouser

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About Him

Living... in a large house on the Westside of Los Angeles with his wife Nan. They regularly host guests including Larry David, whom Marty considers his best friend (much to Larry's chagrin).

Profession... not sure, but it is clearly good enough to live well and indulge in the regular antics of his friends without having to worry too much about working.

Interests... playing golf. Marty can regularly be found playing a round at the local country club with Larry and Jeff Greene, causing trouble for the club and the rest of its members. Who can forget the death of the club’s beloved black swan? Marty pinned that one (with much justification) on Larry: "How many rules are you gonna break? You're not supposed to have your phone on, it's always ringing. You killed a swan!"

Relationship Status... married to Nan. At least he was until he heard about Larry and his wife Cheryl potentially getting a divorce. Marty decided to follow in Larry's footsteps, or rather beat him to the punch, and end his marriage as well. The divorce was pretty shocking to Nan, who didn't feel that anything significant was wrong in their relationship. But that’s the kind of thing that happens when one listens to Larry David.

Challenge... tempering Larry's influence on his life. Marty always insists that Larry is his best friend, even though Larry often disagrees. Yet having Larry involved in a situation makes it much more liable to go terribly wrong. Not that Marty doesn’t demonstrate plenty of potential to screw things up on his own.

Personality... extremely competitive, arguing with Larry on even the most banal issues. Take, for example, their dispute over who has the cleaner teeth: "Let's have a plaque contest. Anytime you want!" Marty can be an overgrown child. Maybe there’s a reason why he and Larry are fitting friends after all.

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