Marian Dubois
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Marian Dubois

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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About Her

Grew Up… with Robin Hood, whom she remembers as “a spoiled bully who used to burn my hair as a child.” Along with Robin, Marian's brother and cousin followed Richard the Lionheart to fight in the Crusades, leaving the young girl virtually alone.

Living… in her old family mansion. But Marian’s not the defenseless little girl she once was, and when threatening men show up at her door, she's ready to protect herself, even if it means wielding a knife against possible invaders. When Robin returns from Jerusalem with news of her brother’s death, Marian is heartbroken, but she quickly realizes there are more important issues to take care of. Without King Richard, England is in a shambles. While others in power abuse it with wretched abandon, Marian will do anything she can to help.

Profession… maiden. Unwed and attractive, Marian is doted upon by many men as she waits for a suitable husband. But in this time of great need, Marian has also learned how to fight and fend for herself.

Interests… knives, horses, and chivalry. Although generally a traditional lady, Marian also has a keen interest in the wild but merry outlaws of Sherwood Forest, who steal from nobles like her.

Relationship Status… single. As a fair maiden, Marian's chastity is one of her greatest assets. But when Robin returns to England, she can’t help but feel a strange connection with him. Although the nobleman may not be a replacement for Marian's brother, Robin is still the closest thing she has left of him.

Challenge… aiding Robin Hood in his battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham, who rules the land with an iron fist. In this capacity, Marian's boldness suits her. She isn’t afraid to enter Sherwood Forest unguarded and visit the outlaws who are, unfortunately, their last hope at regaining justice and peace.

Personality… cautious, kind-hearted, and tough. Unlike typical noblewomen, Marian isn't content to simply wait for a man to save her – she has a strong streak of steel in her spine, and Marian isn’t afraid to show it.

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