Marc St. James
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Marc St. James

Ugly Betty

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About Him

Grew Up… in Schenectady. But if anyone asks, he’ll just say “New York” and hope they assume Manhattan.

Living… in New York City. Marc has moved to the big city in search of people with better taste. Always fashion-conscious, Marc hopes to one day be the editor of his own fashion magazine.

Profession… personal assistant. Marc is the right-hand man to Wilhelmina Slater, a senior editor at Mode magazine. Wilhelmina is determined to do whatever necessary to become the Editor in Chief, often teaming with Marc to carry out sneaky plots. From foot massages to coffee runs to sabotaging other editors, Marc will help Wilhelmina with anything. It’s his job, after all, and he’s very good at it.

Interests… fashion and gossip. Marc has incredibly strong taste and spends way too much time curating his personal appearance. Or at least that’s what it looks like. In actuality Marc is always listening, gleaning new information and rumors to spread around the office. He particularly likes to stir up trouble involving Betty, the frumpy new assistant to the Editor in Chief.

Relationship Status… single. It’s hard to hold a steady partner when you’re as dedicated to work as Marc is. Wilhelmina could call at any moment, and Marc would come running.

Challenge… staying one step ahead of the curve. Wilhelmina is a particularly demanding boss, and the publishing business is already fast-paced enough. Marc has to know what she’ll want before she wants it, all while keeping tabs on the whole office and strategically stirring up trouble. He can only keep it up so long before he burns out.

 Personality… witty and judgmental. Marc will always tell you how he feels, and if you disagree with him, he’ll have a snappy comeback at the ready. Shocked that Betty will be working at the magazine, he tells his confidant Amanda, “This is Mode… not Dog Fancy.”  He knows how to pick his battles, though, acting in a very agreeable manner with his boss and other people in positions of power. Marc definitely portrays himself and a discerning and independent man, but his sassy comments are more hot air than anything. Behind his brash and sometimes harsh persona is an often-insecure person who truly cares about the others around him – and what they think of him.    

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