Luke Dunphy
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Luke Dunphy

Modern Family

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About Him

Living… in the Dunphy home in an upscale suburban neighborhood of Los Angeles. Luke lives with his parents Phil and Claire and his older sisters Haley and Alex. The house can get pretty crowded and chaotic, but Luke mostly finds his own ways to entertain himself.

Profession… middle school student, though he’s managed to make it something of a profitable career. Luke has saved upwards of a thousand dollars by accepting lunch money from his dad in addition to a daily packed lunch prepared by his mom, a loophole neither parent has yet noticed. At school he does just enough work-wise to get by, while specializing in light mischief. It’s not uncommon for Luke to get his hands on a BB gun or firecracker and cause havoc.

Interests… sports, drinking chocolate milk, jumping on the trampoline wearing only his underwear and a box on his head. Like his dad, Luke enjoys magic, pizza, and goofing around. As Phil says, “He’s one of those kids, you get him a gift and all he wants to do is play with the box.” While that’s true for many 2-year-olds, it’s not the case for most 12-year-olds. Luke is one of them.

Relationship Status… getting to the age where he’s starting to like girls. Though he’s about as immature as boys come, he’s actually making a fairly smooth transition from pulling their hair to going up and talking to them. He might be a goofball, but he’s self-assured and comfortable with who he is.

Challenge… keeping his cool in the hectic Dunphy-Pritchett-Delgado-Tucker clan. If getting dragged into the plots of the adults in his family wasn’t enough, Luke has sisters, a cousin, and an uncle (Manny, in the same grade at school) to deal with too. His sisters pick on him, he gets into the occasional bust-up with Manny, and he harbors a surprisingly intense dislike for Lily, his young adopted cousin, a feeling she seems to return. (Presumably it’s because Luke was the cute “baby” of the extended family before Lily arrived.)

Personality… candid, goofy, and hands-on. For a trouble-maker, Luke is pretty innocent at heart. When Manny calls him out for taking credit for putting out a fire that Luke (accidentally) started, Luke responds, “I’m getting an award for it. If they gave awards for starting fires, I’d be getting one of those too.” Luke goes through life doing pretty much what he wants, figuring that everything will probably work out just fine. And for Luke, it probably will.

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