Lovey Howell
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Lovey Howell

Gilligan's Island

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Living… on an uncharted island off the coast of Honolulu. This is a huge downgrade from her normal living conditions, which are anything but normal. She apparently has a house in every state, each of which are staffed by separate sets of servants, maids, and butlers. While her primary home is in Newport, Rhode Island, she splits her time between Palm Beach, Paris, New York, and Monaco.

Profession… professional socialite – both on the island and off. She is the wife of billionaire industry magnate Thurston Howell, III. Though spoiled and preoccupied with social status, she serves as something of a mother figure to the island castaways, offering advice, however misguided and out-of-touch it may be. Like her husband, she does very little work on the island, letting others take care of everything.

Interests… her many outfits and accessories, among them mink coats and diamond brooches. Inexplicably, she brought a lot of these things along with her on the three-hour tour, so she has plenty of time to enjoy them now.

Relationship Status… married to Thurston Howell, III, for twenty years. While she enjoys the lavish lifestyle her husband provides, their marriage is not without its share of problems. The last five years in particular have been difficult, highlighted by the couple’s fights while on the island. While Mr. Howell can be preoccupied with money, he occasionally shows true tenderness towards his wife. As her husband once remarked, their brilliance together was exceeded only by their greed.

Challenge… getting off the island and returning to her lush life. She has a lot of money, but that money is worthless on the island.

Personality… poised, arrogant, and out of touch. But despite this, she does have moments where she shows genuine kindness. She’s more compassionate than her husband, more invested in the other castaways’ well-being, more willing to give a helping hand or moral support. Her more cringe-worthy moments are not a product of her nature but her lifestyle and background.

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