Liu Kang

Liu Kang

    Mortal Kombat
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a Shaolin monastery. Liu Kang set himself apart from a young age as a truly gifted martial artist. In time, he was trained into one of the greatest warriors on earth.

Living… at the Wu Shi academy in China. Liu Kang spends his days training his body and spirit, seeking to become the ultimate warrior.

Profession… guardian of Earthrealm. After establishing himself as one of the greatest warriors on the planet, Liu Kang was contacted by Raiden, the God of Thunder and protector of Earth. Raiden told Liu Kang about the Mortal Kombat tournament – a deadly inter-dimensional contest between Earthrealm and Outworld. The rules of the tournament are simple: once a generation, the two realms send their best fighters to the tournament, where they engage in one-on-one combat to the death. If one of the realms is victorious 10 times in a row, they gain the right to invade and absorb the other realm. Outworld has won the last nine tournaments – meaning that Liu Kang and the other Earthrealm warriors are fighting for the continued existence of their dimension.

Interests… bicycle kicks and saving the world from inter-dimensional invasion. Liu Kang doesn’t do much else. If he’s not training, he’s fighting for his life.

Relationship status… single. But Liu Kang isinterested in Princess Katana – a femme fatale from Outworld and the daughter of the brutal emperor Shao Khan. While the two share a strong attraction, their obligation to their respective realms keeps them from translating that attraction into anything real.

Challenge… surviving the Mortal Kombat tournament. Liu Kang is powerful and deadly, but to save Earthrealm he’ll have to fight treacherous sorcerers, lethal ninjas, and impossibly strong beasts. Boasting a diverse catalog of deadly fighters, Outworld seems poised to deliver a final and fatal defeat to the forces of Earthrealm. Only Liu Kang can overcome the odds, and save the quiet dimension of Earthrealm.

Personality… brave, heroic, and focused. Liu Kang is 100 percent dedicated to the protection of Earthrealm. He’s serious and quiet, only speaking when he has something important to say. While he doesn’t exude raw charisma, his track record as a stalwart defender of Earthrealm has earned him the admiration of other contestants in the Mortal Kombat tournament.


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