Lily Tucker-Pritchett
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Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Modern Family

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About Her

Growing Up… as the adopted daughter of Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett.

Living… far from her native Vietnam, physically and culturally. Though Lily has quickly adapted to her affluent life in Los Angeles. With her teenage cousins, Haley and Alex, as role models, Lily is on track to become a modern, urban young woman.

Profession… preschooler, which means she has to deal with the usual difficulties that accompany life with other young children. Lily sometimes hits boys and demonstrates difficulty sharing, but remains otherwise bubbly and sweet.

Interests… her stuffed bunny rabbit, Bunny. (O.K., maybe she could’ve put a little more thought into the name, but in fairness she was only like 4 years old.) And like many a child who has lost a stuffed animal, she accepts no substitutes for the genuine article.

Relationship Status… none. At her age, she interacts with the opposite sex mostly by smacking them, though she may have attracted the preschool-style courtship of more than one little boy.

Challenge… remaining as adorable as possible for as long as possible. She is in no threat of being out-done on that front by her older cousins, who are fast declining in adorability. However that has caused her cousin Luke, who used to be the cute “baby” of the extended family before Lily’s arrival, to take a surprisingly dislike to her. Still, even as young as she is, Lily seems more than capable of handling the likes of Luke. 

Personality… sassy. She once snapped at Mitchell, “Do you want me to call you a wah-mbulance?” Lily is already arguably the most strong-willed of the children in the extended Dunphy-Pritchett clan. She is mischievous and can get away with a lot more due to her cuteness and the occasional lenience of her parents. 

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