Lewis Nixon
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Lewis Nixon

Band of Brothers

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About Him

Grew up… with a silver spoon in his mouth. Nixon comes from an elite New York family. 

Living… with his men on the frontline in Europe. 

Profession… soldier. Back in New York, he was the owner of his family’s famous Nixon Nitration Works in New York. He often unconsciously reminds the others of his gilded upbringing. “Sobel’s a genius,” he says of their (far from genius) Commanding Officer during training. “I had a headmaster in prep school who was just like him. I know the type.”

Interests… blended whisky Vat 69. Nixon tends to be a bit distracted by the sauce. He likes to start celebrating even before the battle is over. Once as he swigged from his flask, he mused, “Maybe this is the perfect place to stop drinking. Right here on the business end of the Allied advance.” Of course, he was only joking.

Relationship Status… married with one child (and a dog). Mrs. Nixon doesn’t seem to be the supportive type. Lewis has hardly heard from her over the course of his tour of duty.

Challenge… leading his men through this brutal war. Luckily, Nixon is a shrewd strategist who knows how to manage his battalion. 

Personality… charming and kind. Nixon is a dedicated solider (even though he’s hardly fired his gun). He doesn’t let his blue-blood background get in the way of his relationship with the other men. Plus, he’s an entertaining guy to have in your foxhole.

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