Leon Scott Kennedy

Leon Scott Kennedy

    Resident Evil Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in Raccoon City. At age 21, Leon Scott Kennedy achieved his dream of joining the Raccoon City police department. Unfortunately, during his first day on the job, a T-Virus outbreak caused almost the entire population to turn into zombies. The resourceful Leon managed to survive the chaos and prove himself as a potent adversary of the evil Umbrella Corporation.

Living... all over the world. After the Racoon City incident Leon got a job as a member of the Secret Service, and went to Spain to protect the president’s daughter. He’ll travel anywhere that there’s zombies and monsters that need to be stopped.

Profession... government agent. After his brief career as a cop, Leon became a government agent. He has been called on to perform tasks as important as rescuing the President’s kidnapped daughter. He now works for the Division of Security Operations, an agency specifically designed for combating biological threats.

Interests… odd jobs. During his missions, Leon has displayed the various skills he’s picked up over the years like piloting helicopters and fixing cars.

Relationship Status... single. Leon may be single, but there are some important women in his life. He’s very protective of President Graham’s daughter Ashley, he comes to respect his new partner Helena Harper, and he has a very complicated relationship with enigmatic enemy agent Ada Wong.

Challenge... wiping out bio-terror. Leon’s goal is to keep the world safe from zombies, monsters, and other Bio Organic Weapons, or B.O.W.s, typically created by the evil Umbrella Corporation. As he says, “I’m gonna scrub this virus from the face of the Earth.”

Personality... sarcastic, cocky, and dedicated. Even the most experienced cops would probably flee in terror during a zombie apocalypse, let alone a rookie. But Leon stayed because he gets the job done. Whether it’s stopping a parasitic cult leader or monstrous drug baron, Leon can stand up to even the most mind bending horrors. While he’s fighting monsters expect him to keep up a steady stream of sarcasm and one liners. He might look and act like a pretty boy – but when push comes to shove he’s just about the best man in the world to have at your side.


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