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Grew Up... in Caldeum. Knowing little of her birth parents, Leah grew up in the great city of Caldeum with her stepmother Gillian. However, Gillian’s mind was rapidly deteriorating due to her encounters with demons, making her a poor caregiver.

Living... with Deckard Cain. Leah eventually became an apprentice of Deckard Cain, a great scholar and member of an ancient brotherhood of light mages. Together they traveled the world searching for clues about a mysterious evil prophecy, a mission she continues even after Cain’s death. In her words, “I will finish it, Uncle; I will carry on for you.”

Profession... scholar. Under Cain’s tutelage, Leah grew into a notable intellectual in her own right. She knows much about obscure lore and history. She also has latent magic potential.

Interests… exploring. Leah loves going on adventures. As a child she would frequently explore the nearby tunnels. Unfortunately, this led to bullies calling her a “sewer rat.”

Relationship Status... single. Leah has had a hard time making friends, especially with people her own age. And at this point she is more interested in her studies than in boys.

Challenge... resisting Diablo. When it becomes clear that the great evil force known as Diablo will once again threaten the Earth, Leah uses all of her knowledge to aid the heroes attempting to stop him. However, her part in Diablo’s resurrection is even more crucial than she realizes.      

Personality... hopeful. Despite the darkness surrounding her early life, Leah always tries to be a good, optimistic person who can see the positivity in others. 

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