What We Do In The Shadows
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a small town in England, centuries ago. He’s proud of the fact that he was considered the most attractive man in the village, but his partner Nadja reminds him that the village was widely afflicted with leprosy.

Living… in Staten Island, in a large house that he shares with his wife Nadja, and their roommates, Nandor (another vampire) and Guillermo (Nandor’s servant).

Profession… none. Laszlo has a lot of opinions and likes to act as if he’s important, but the truth is that his roommate Colin pays the rent. If Laszlo needs anything, he’ll get his familiar June to do it for him, or hypnotize some other human.

Interests… topiary creation. He is particularly inspired by female anatomy in his designs, and can be extremely protective of his topiaries.

Relationship Status… married to fellow vampire Nadja. They have a fiery, passionate relationship, and can be found screaming at each other as often as making out. He makes no secret of his attraction to others, including Baron Afanas, an older vampire who is visiting America for the first time.

Challenge… planning the vampiric takeover of the New World. Or at least Staten Island. Baron Afanas has charged Laszlo and his housemates to bring about vampiric rule in America, and Laszlo wants to please him, but it seems like a pretty tall order for a group of quarrelsome and out-of-date vampires.

Personality… self-centered and passionate. Laszlo is quick to speak up in any situation, usually to assert that he was right about something or that someone else is doing something wrong. He’s also very excitable, and likes to party. His ego usually prevents him from noticing when someone points out that he’s being pushy.


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