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Grew Up… besting any knight who came into battle with him. From a young age, Lancelot has always been of powerful mind, body, and spirit. He spent a great deal of his youth searching the lands for a “king worthy of my sword,” which he considers not a boast, but rather “a curse.”

Living… in the King’s castle in Camelot. King Arthur, wielding the legendary sword Excalibur, finally bested Lancelot in battle, calling on all of Excalibur’s power. Lancelot quickly yielded to Arthur and swore allegiance to his eminence.

Profession… loyal Knight of the Round Table. Lancelot must oversee the affairs of all the land, spreading his nobility, virtue, and compassion anywhere it is needed. A brave warrior, Lancelot is one of the most respected knights in King Arthur’s court.  

Interests… maintaining his honor, jousting, cooking his own food, and riding on horseback.

Relationship Status… complicated. Lancelot is of pure heart and swears from the beginning that he will love Guenevere as his queen and the wife of his best friend, “And while you live I will love no other.” But this pure love becomes complicated when Guenevere begins to love him back.

Challenge… remaining loyal to the Knights of the Round Table. His attraction to Guenevere makes it difficult for him to attend meetings at the Round Table. As he drifts away from his duties and Guenevere’s loyalty is called into question, there is severe unrest in Camelot.

Personality… fearless, stubborn, and passionate. Lancelot lives for the quest. He will follow his stead to the ends of the earth and back if the quest calls for it. But he is not the perfect warrior, because his powerful heart often gets in the way of his position as a knight.

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