Kyle Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski

    South Park
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in South Park, Colo., with his parents Gerald and Sheila and adopted Canadian brother Ike. Kyle hangs out with his friends Stan and Kenny and his frenemy Cartman. Cartman’s favorite pastime is making fun of Kyle’s Jewish faith and hefty orange mop of hair. Kyle usually responds by calling Cartman “Fat Ass,” though he has been driven to beat up Cartman on more than one occasion.

Profession… fourth-grader at South Park Elementary. Kyle is an exceptional student and is also quite skilled with computers. Though he usually plays Xbox with Stan and Kenny after school, he briefly worked at Cartman’s burger joint “Ass Burgers.”

Interests… playing Guitar Hero, speaking Pig Latin, using Photoshop, and setting a good example for Ike.

Relationship Status… single. Kyle was once voted by his female classmates as the ugliest boy in class -- below even Cartman. (Though the vote was riddled with corruption.) On the flip side, Bebe, one of the more popular girls in class, once professed an admiration for Kyle’s butt: “I could sleep for days on his perked cheeks.” They kiss during a truth-or-dare session in Stan’s clubhouse, causing Kyle to freak out and run away. The fairer sex can wait.

Challenge… his mother. Kyle’s overprotective mother doesn’t give satisfactory answers to his big life questions, leaving him to ponder them himself. He struggles with moral dilemmas often sparked by Cartman, the ruthless anti-Semite. As a result, Kyle’s cognitive dissonance sometimes manifests itself as a crisis of faith. After seeing Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ at Cartman’s urging, he stands up in synagogue and announces that the Jews need to apologize for killing Jesus. Kyle often wonders, how can there be a God if Cartman gets away with being such a terrible person?

Personality… contemplative. Kyle always tries to learn a lesson from each of his adventures and share it with his friends. He is the most emotional of his friends, a trait that can sometimes surface as an ugly temper. He is that sweet-hearted kid you really don’t want to enrage – unless of course you’re Cartman.


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