Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in modern-day Japan, which is right where she belongs. A world without Wifi or video games is practically unimaginable for Konata, who basically lives (at least) half of her life online. Konata's family also lives close to Tokyo, which is great for her collection of anime and video game merchandise.

Profession… high school student, though she doesn't really take it seriously. She might be 17, but at four foot eight, Konata has the mind and body of a much younger girl.   

Interests… cosplay, video games, and anime. Despite what her friends might think, Konata does have other talents other than crushing opponents in MMOs. She might dislike studying, but Konata's not stupid, and for all the time she spends in front of a screen, she's surprisingly athletic, too. Unfortunately for the sports teams of Ryoo High, though, anime and video games come first. Or, as Konata puts it, "If I join a team, I'll miss my prime time anime."

Relationship Status… single. Boys aren't high on the list for Konata – and despite the rumors about Konata and her occasional best friend Kagami, neither are girls. For now, Konata would rather play dating games on a screen than worry about real-life romance.  

Challenge… amusing herself. Konata has a live-now, worry-later view of the world, cheerfully telling her friends, "You don't get an extension on summer vacation, but you get one on the homework." Her carefree attitude occasionally gets her into trouble. But when the chips are down, Konata is capable of studying as hard as the rest of her friends. If she can be convinced to study first, that is.

Personality… fun-loving, mischievous, cheerful, and social. Though she’s more than just a little, well, strange, Konata is unabashedly honest about her nerdy interests – even when it might not be right place or time to talk about them. Still, for all her oddities, there's a certain charm to Konata's upfront nature, and she's managed to rope more than one friend into playing with her.


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