Klaus Hargreeves

Klaus Hargreeves

    The Umbrella Academy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as “Number Four,” a child superhero. Klaus was born in a mysterious phenomenon wherein 43 women around the world suddenly delivered babies, despite the fact that none of them were pregnant. Klaus was one of seven of those children adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and raised to be a superhero team known as “The Umbrella Academy.” Befitting Reginald’s militant ways, the children were originally given numbers, not names.

Living... in a constant stupor. Klaus’ superpower is the ability to commune with the dead. But since being haunted by ghostly apparitions is an unsettling experience, Klaus has been suppressing his powers with drugs and alcohol ever since he was 13.

Visiting... his childhood home. When Sir Reginald dies, Klaus returns home for the funeral, where he’s reunited with his adoptive brothers Luther and Diego, as well as his adoptive sisters Allison and Vanya—the one Hargreeves sibling without powers. There’s also Ben, the brother who died in a mission-gone-wrong that caused The Umbrella Academy to split up. Klaus regularly speaks to him from beyond the grave, although he hasn’t told any of his other siblings that.

Profession... superhero-turned-vagabond. After The Umbrella Academy disbanded, the rest of his siblings tried to find new goals in life. Klaus, however, has been aimlessly whiling away his days getting high. As he sees it, “Sobriety is super overrated.”

Interests... drugs, petty theft, and breaking fashion barriers.

Relationship Status... a commitment-phobic pansexual. Klaus searches out quick companionship rather than anything deeper. His longest relationship lasted three weeks. However, when a time travel mishap briefly sends him back to the Vietnam War, he makes a deep, potentially life-changing connection with a man named Dave.

Challenge... saving the world. When Klaus’ long lost brother Number Five suddenly reappears after a 16-year absence (in his 13-year-old body, strangely enough), he informs his siblings that the apocalypse is going to occur in eight days. Unfortunately, the old Umbrella Academy isn’t really in fighting shape these days.

Personality... sarcastic, hedonistic, and hilarious. Klaus is a fashionable, free-spirited individualist. He copes with the trauma of his childhood by living a life free of responsibility. He uses humor as a defense mechanism and isn’t afraid to say whatever pops into his head, like, “Hey, did I ever tell you guys about the time I waxed my a** with chocolate pudding?” Klaus has a sensitive side too, however. And though his sarcastic manner (and his drug addiction) means people aren’t inclined to take him seriously, he actually has some sharp insights into how the world works and how people think.


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