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King Arthur


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Grew Up… under the wizard Merlin’s close watch. Arthur grew up in the care of Sir Ector, and lived alongside Sir Ector’s blood son, Kay. Arthur’s true father though was Uther Pendragon, a ruthless warlord who took advantage of Merlin’s magic and ended up dying an egregious death. Upon his deathbed, Uther thrust his legendary sword Excalibur deep into a stone, awaiting the day when, according to Merlin, “he who draws the sword from the stone, he shall be king.”

Living… in Camelot. Arthur, as the only blood son of Uther, was able to draw Excalibur from the stone. Although there was dissent among the nobles as to Arthur’s true supremacy, the power of Excalibur and Arthur’s just sensibility soon quelled all conflict. Arthur now resides as King of Camelot. His knights are hand-selected as equally just keepers of the peace, and Arthur meets his council at a round table to symbolize every man’s equal value at King Arthur’s court. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table lead merciful, virtuous lives while healing the land of generations of uprising and bloodshed.

Profession… king. Arthur is the grand liege and lord of all the land. Merlin is the first to tell him that the king and the land are one unit, united by the “Dragon’s Breath.” Arthur is at first overwhelmed by the responsibility, but soon becomes of pure heart and mind, to match the purity of the land.

Interests… virtue, the Holy Grail, his Knights of the Round Table, his sword Excalibur, and his wife Guenevere.

Relationship Status… married to lady Guenevere, the daughter of Sir Leondegrance. Although Arthur can see no wrong in Guenevere, Merlin foresees complications in their marriage.

Challenge… leading the Knights of the Round Table in bringing justice to all the lands. England at this time is a place full of magic, mythology, and unfortunately great evil. Constantly there are obstacles blocking Arthur from his goals of justice and peace. Perhaps most dangerous is Morgana La Fey, Arthur’s half-sister, who seeks her revenge on the royal family because of Uther’s rape of her mother years ago.

Personality… honest, righteous, dignified. Arthur is the perfect example of purity. He rules with a clear mind and forgives with a clear heart. Even when he makes mistakes, he is quick to clean up the mess he has made with penetance. Arthur is the definition of chivalry.

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