Kenny McCormick

Kenny McCormick

    South Park
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on the other side of the tracks in South Park, Colo. Kenny’s father is an alcoholic and his mother gave birth to him when she was 16. As Kenny’s “friend” Cartman is quick to point out, Kenny’s family is very poor and often eats nothing but Pop-Tarts for dinner.

Professions… fourth-grader. Kenny’s career path is unclear although he shows great promise as a professional gamer. He is on his PSP (PlayStation Portable) 24/7, perhaps a result of his parents’ laissez-faire child-rearing style. His parents’ lack of attention may have also contributed to Kenny’s profane sense of humor and his brief addiction to getting high on cat urine – or “cheesing,” as the kids call it these days.

Interests… nudie mags, NASCAR, monster trucks, origami, Peruvian pan flute bands.

Relationship Status… sex. Kenny is by far the most sexually experienced of his young friends. He has had multiple girlfriends, and grooms his body hair because that’s what the “ladies” like. His peers are still more or less apathetic toward the female figure, but Kenny can’t get enough.

Challenge… coping with immortality. Kenny has died dozens of times. But every time, he wakes up in bed the next morning, and no one remembers his death. He views this condition as a curse, and it is possible that it came from his parents’ brief involvement in the cult of the dark lord Cthulhu. Kenny creates an alter ego, Mysterion the masked vigilante, in part as a way to convince his friends who don’t believe that he can’t die.

Personality… mysterious. People tend to forget about Kenny because his orange parka muffles his voice, and he is a man (or boy) of few words to begin with. But the truth is, he’s the toughest and most heroic of the four bus-stop boys – Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Cartman. When Kenny goes with Kyle to the Jew Scouts, Kenny unravels an evil plot to kidnap Moses and sacrifices his own life to save Moses and the Jew Scouts. Yet by morning, everyone had forgotten his bravery. Kenny rarely gets the credit or attention he deserves. Then again, maybe he could occasionally take his parka off so people could understand him.


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