Kendall Roy

Kendall Roy

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... under a lot of pressure. Kendall’s mom is a wealthy British aristocrat and his dad is a bullish businessman named Logan Roy. Though Logan has an older son named Connor from his first marriage, Kendall was always seen as the chosen successor for his father’s massive business empire—which put a ton of pressure on his shoulders. The only people who really understand what that was like are his younger siblings Roman and Shiv.

Living... with absurd wealth, in New York City.

Visiting... anywhere his work takes him. It’s easy to travel when you have unfettered access to private cars, jets, and helicopters.

Profession... executive at Waystar Royco. The Roy family company is the fifth-largest media conglomerate in the world, with branches including a TV news station, amusement parks, and cruise ships. Kendall has been working as an executive while his father grooms him to take over as CEO. Logan has promised to hand over the reins any day now.

Interests... hip-hop music, motorcycles, and digital media.

Relationship Status... separated from his wife, Rava. Kendall’s addiction problems drove a wedge in his marriage. Now that he’s sober, Kendall would like to give their relationship another try, but Rava isn’t interested in anything more than friendship and co-parenting their children Iverson and Sophie.

Challenge... saving Waystar Royco. Kendall’s world is turned upside down when Logan declares he isn’t going to retire and then immediately has a stroke. Kendall steps in as acting CEO, only to learn the company is $3 billion in debt. When Logan wakes up, Kendall finds himself locked in a complex power struggle with the one person he both loves and fears the most. As the stress begins to mount, Kendall struggles to maintain his sobriety too.

Personality... insecure and full of false bravado. Kendall has a pretty big inferiority complex. He longs to be as successful as his father, but he lacks Logan’s cutthroat instinct. Though Kendall can be entitled, selfish, and manipulative, he still has some of his humanity left. His sole motivation in life is to impress his distant, demanding dad. That means Kendall often comes across like an anxious teenager pretending to be a powerful businessman. He’ll kick off a meeting by saying something like, “I think Vaulter is the shiz.”


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