Kay Corleone
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Kay Corleone

The Godfather

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About Her

Grew Up… in Hanover, New Hampshire. Her father was a minister of the Baptist faith. She had no siblings.

Living… under dangerous circumstances. While attending Dartmouth College, with hopes of becoming a teacher, she met fellow student Michael Corleone in 1945. Michael returned from the war as something of a hero, and Kay accompanies him to his sister’s wedding, where Michael confesses that his family is involved with the mafia. Kay is frightened by the prospect of Michael becoming a violent man, but he assures her, “That’s my family, Kay. It’s not me.”

Profession… teacher. She studied to become a teacher, and accepts a job when she gets the chance. However, Michael wants her to be with him, which means supporting the family business and giving up her career.

Interests… teaching and listening to Johnny Fontane, a singer with supposed ties to the mafia. Kay is shocked to learn that Michael’s father helped Johnny reboot his career by threatening his bandleader with violence – thus making him an “offer he couldn’t refuse.” It wouldn’t be the last such offer that Michael’s father Vito, the Godfather of the family, would make on Johnny’s behalf.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Michael Corleone. The two of them seem like a perfect couple, at least at first. It’s only when Michael gets involved in his family’s criminal enterprises that things between them begin to get more complicated.

Challenge… convincing Michael to legitimize the family business. Kay wants Michael to use whatever power he has to rid the Corleone name of all its illegal ties. Michael agrees, and promises he has every intention of doing so. Whether he will follow through is another matter entirely.

Personality… free-thinking, modern, and intelligent. Kay knows when Michael is lying to her, and she understands that it is difficult to change the face of a generations-old family “business” overnight. But Kay has faith in Michael, and she has faith in their future together. She is willing to put some things at stake if it means that her sacrifices will go toward a better future with Michael. In time, she will learn whether her faith in Michael has been placed wisely, or not.

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