Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami Hiiragi

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… one of four sisters. Alongside her twin sister, Tsukasa, Kagami is the baby of the family. But in terms of personality, she acts far more like the oldest child instead of the youngest.

Living... with her family in the Saitama Prefecture of modern day Japan. Since they live next to the Takanomiya Shrine, Kagami and her sisters often end up volunteering as shrine maidens during school breaks or holidays.

Profession… high school student, currently the president of her class. Kagami has been class president since she first entered Ryoo High School, and she's an incredibly good one, even if she enjoys hanging out with slacker Konata instead of more studious classmates.

Interests… studying, sweets, and – somewhat hypocritically – video games. Kagami might chide Konata about not being "good at anything other than staring at games," but she's a pretty good gamer herself, especially when it comes to 2D shooters. Still, school comes first. Unlike Konata, Kagami would never let her grades slip because of her hobbies.

Relationship Status… single. Kagami's so serious about everything she does that it's hard to imagine her in a relationship, unless it was one with chocolate pocky (a kind of candy). She does have her crushes, of course, but if there's one person Kagami is closest to, it's probably Konata – even if Kagami herself won't admit it.

Challenge… facing down the usual problems of many high school girls. In Kagami’s case, that means doing well in school, getting into a good college, and losing those pesky last few pounds. But between keeping her grades up, helping at Takanomiya Shrine, and acting as class president, Kagami still manages to find time to hang out with her friends.

Personality… responsible and headstrong, but far less prickly than she often acts. Intelligent and serious, Kagami can come off as cold to those who don't know her well – and admittedly, she often does act pretty aloof, even around her friends. But her icy exterior ultimately fools no one. Deep down, like most high school girls, Kagami just wants to be loved, too.


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