Judah Ben-Hur
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Judah Ben-Hur


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Grew Up... with his mother, sister, and childhood friend Messala, in Jerusalem during the time of Christ.

Living… in 26 AD, during the height of the Roman Empire. Messala has become a tribune of Rome and returns to Jerusalem as the commander of a Roman garrison. But Judah’s old friend has changed, and now he demands that Judah give him the names of the Jewish people in the area, to be punished as political dissenters. When Judah refuses, his one-time friend throws his family in prison and sells Judah into slavery.

Profession… former merchant and prince. Before Messala's betrayal, Judah was a successful businessman. Now, however, he must find a way to survive the life of a slave in order to regain his rightful place.

Interests… family, harmony, and survival. No matter how difficult Judah’s challenges become, he will always persevere to reunite with his family. He also craves revenge on the traitorous Messala.

Relationship Status… single. He has not married, though he declares his love for Esther, the daughter of Simonides. Unfortunately she is engaged to another man. He longingly admits, “if you were not a bride, I would kiss you goodbye.”

Challenge… saving himself and his family from the tyranny of the Roman Empire. Any form of insurrection is quickly snuffed out. And although Judah is not a rebel by any means, he feels that the Romans have no respect for the lives of local Jerusalem citizens, and he readily stands up for their liberties.

Personality… heroic, loving, and charitable. Judah is not the kind of prince whose wealth and power have gone to his head. Rather, he's benevolent and warm, caring sincerely for all his people. Moreover he is strong, and when feats of physical endurance are required, he is ready to face the most harrowing of obstacles.

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