Joe Swanson
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Joe Swanson

Family Guy

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About Him

Living… the rest of his life in a wheelchair in Quahog, R.I. Joe was paralyzed from the waist down while pursuing a criminal one Christmas Day. While chasing the suspect, Joe slipped on a roller skate, injuring his spine and leaving him wheelchair-bound.

Profession… police officer. Joe has always loved authority, and even after his accident he still works for the force. He takes great pride in his job. After successfully closing one case, he said, “It’s good to know that thanks to me and my colleagues, a lot fewer people will be injecting cocaine into their penises tonight.”

Interests… basketball and baseball. Despite the fact that he’s still an accomplished athlete, Joe’s friends and neighbors, especially Peter Griffin, often seem to think that he’s incapable of functioning. “Peter, I’m not retarded,” Joe tells him, “I’m handicapped.”

Relationship Status… married to Bonnie Swanson. The couple have two children, Kevin and Susie. Kevin was an only child for longer than expected; for some reason Bonnie appeared to be pregnant with Susie for about seven years. Bonnie is soft-spoken and calm, making her a good balance to the outgoing Joe.

Challenge… overcoming his anger issues. Joe has trouble controlling his temper, especially when he sees authority slipping away from him. For instance, Joe takes it very personally when his son, Kevin, begins to beat him at sports: “I gave him a little congratulatory punch in the arm. And then another. And then everything got a little hazy. He had to live with a foster family for a while.”

Personality… determined and tough. Joe never lets his handicap get in the way of living life to the fullest.  

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