Jim Harper
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Jim Harper

The Newsroom

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About Him

Grew up… as a journalist under the supervision of his producer, MacKenzie McHale. Jim, at 27, has already experienced things far beyond his years. He and Mac witnessed the worst that the world has to offer when they reported stories from the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Living… for all practical purposes in his office in New York City. Jim has an apartment somewhere in one of the five boroughs, but he’s rarely in it. A true journalist, Jim is always on his toes, ready to receive word of an important story.

Profession… Senior Producer on News Night with Will McAvoy. Jim’s enthusiasm, idealism and dedication make him the lifeblood of News Night. He’s often so involved in his work life that he forgets to take care of his personal life. For instance, he once had no idea it was Valentine’s Day until a co-worker reminded him.

Interests… getting the truth to the American voting public. Jim believes in free speech and free information. He feels it’s his responsibility as a journalist to give the public a fair and accurate depiction of the world so it can make informed decisions.

Relationship Status… single. Jim barely has time for a fling, never mind a real romance. As he describes a woman he’s sorta seeing: “We’re not in a relationship. She calls me at night after work. We talk for a minute and then she says, ‘Should I come over?’ And what am I supposed to say?” The only woman who could make a deep impact on Jim’s love life is his co-worker and friend, Maggie. It’s a shame that she’s currently dating Jim’s superior, Don.

Challenge… producing the best cable news show on television. Jim and his team are constantly facing criticism from the network bosses who care more about sensationalism and high ratings than journalism. The young, idealistic Jim has the energy and dedication to stay focused on what he believes a news program should do: inform, educate and enhance worldviews.

Personality… wildly intelligent, quick-witted, and hard-working. Jim isn’t the type to sit behind a desk all day; his job requires that he be on the move at all times. Jim will jump through any hoop to follow up a promising lead.

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