Jay Pritchett
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Jay Pritchett

Modern Family

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Living… with his beautiful, younger, second wife Gloria and his stepson Manny in a spacious home in Los Angeles. Manny was part of the deal in marrying Gloria, but as Manny enters his early teens he and Jay have gotten better about finding common ground. Nobody who even glimpses Gloria, meanwhile, would ever have to ask what Jay sees in her; she’s a knockout.

Profession… owner of a successful closet and storage company. Jay’s made a little bit of coin, leading some to wonder whether Gloria was a gold-digger. In fact that’s what Jay’s daughter Claire once said, though Claire’s goofy son Luke announced to the extended family that Claire had in fact called Gloria a “coal digger.” Close enough.

Interests… watching football, reading the paper, and other traditionally manly forms of relaxation. He also likes to build model planes, a hobby he takes quite seriously: “These aren’t toy airplanes, Manny, these are models and they’re very complicated. You wanna fly one of these you gotta be familiar with airfoil, drag, lift and thrust, and these are all principles of aerodynamics.”

Relationship Status… married to Gloria, his second wife. Jay was previously married to DeDe, the sometimes flighty mother of his children Claire and Mitchell. Jay and Gloria work well together. Gloria’s still-youthful passion and her hot-blooded Colombian ways balance out Jay’s curmudgeonly love for habit and routine. While they frequently clash, they’re able to do so with a bantering rapport that keeps things from getting too harsh. With Gloria at his side, Jay once said, “I wasn't the greatest husband the first time around, but I’m trying to do better this time. And maybe by my third marriage I’ll have it down pat.” With Gloria looking less than amused, Jay laughed and added, “Yeah, that one’s gonna cost me.”

Challenge… feeling he's too old for all of this. As the patriarch of a chaotic and intertwined family, Jay struggles to find “me” time. He thought he was done with raising kids long ago, then Manny showed up with Gloria – and now he and Gloria have a new baby boy. That’s a lot for an older guy to handle. That said, beneath the gruff exterior, Jay cares deeply for his wife, children, grandchildren, and even his dog.

Personality… a man’s man. He’s tough, pragmatic, and very much enjoys his alone time. He possesses both grit and wit, knowing how to crack a joke, but isn’t likely to laugh when he’s the butt of one. He’s the clear head of the family and respected as such.

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