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James Garcia

Reno 911

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About Him

Living… deep in the bowels of a mid-life crisis. Divorced, depressed, bored, and bad at his job, Garcia expresses his bitterness by drinking heavily and treating everyone around him like complete garbage.  

Profession… once a Marine helicopter pilot, Garcia is now a deputy officer or the Reno Sherriff’s Department. He is by far the worst shot amongst his colleagues, frequently using his nightstick to beat suspects at his own discretion.

Interests… along with his fellow office Deputy Wiegel, Garcia is a diehard fan of Kenny Rogers, more so of his acting than his music. He is also enjoys the TV show Hill Street Blues and hopes to one day coach a little league baseball team.

Relationship Status… divorced, with a daughter whom he hasn’t seen in several years. Garcia’s colleagues Dangle and Jones are shocked that anyone would want to marry him in the first place. He briefly dated fellow Deputies Williams and Johnson, but neither of those flings lasted. Once, while on a date with Johnson, he took out a coupon and told the waiter, “I'll have the chicken-fried steak, and she'll have something of less than or equal value.”

Challenge… not being the butt of everyone’s jokes and finding a partner who will stick. He usually ends up being partnered with Deputy Jones, who is black and unfortunately has to deal with Garcia’s racist distaste for black culture. Says Deputy Wiegel: “There is some racial tension on the squad, and I mean, I think it’s normal… Unfortunately, it all comes from one guy: Officer Garcia.”

Personality… bigoted, stuck-up, and pissed off at the world, Garcia is probably the least popular member of the Sheriff’s Department. He says that “criminals are the vomit of society and [cops] are the sawdust” and truly believes it.

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