JC Denton

JC Denton

    Deus Ex Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as an experimental clone. Under the guise of “fertility experts,” agents for the shadowy organization MJ-12 implanted Denton’s mother with JC’s embryo for use in their genetic experiments. He is actually a clone of his brother Paul, who was considered a perfect genetic specimen by MJ-12.

Living... in New York. After engineering the deaths of his parents, MJ-12 carefully monitored JC’s life and progress by sending him to special schools, ultimately having him join UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition) in New York City.

Profession... UNATCO agent. UNATCO is actually a front for MJ-12’s global domination schemes. As an agent of the group, JC unwittingly helps his masters exert their power over the world. His perfect genetic makeup also makes him the prime candidate for MJ-12’s nanotech experiments, and he soon becomes their first nano-augmented agent in 2050.

Relationship Status... single. Ever since his birth, JC has been used as a pawn by UNATCO and the Majestic 12. This has left him with few opportunities to pursue romantic interests.

Challenge... unraveling the conspiracy behind the Gray Death nano-virus. UNATCO orders JC to recover a stolen vaccine for the virus that has been plaguing the world. However, the more he investigates, the deeper he is pulled into the hidden world of Illuminati conspiracies that secretly rule the world. Finally aware of all the lies he’s been told, he becomes dead set on discovering the truth.

Personality... intelligent, stoic, and quietly rebellious. Although he seems to be coldly loyal to UNATCO, and therefore MJ-12, for most of his life, JC has a secretly defiant and independent personality. It’s what eventually allows him to break free and confront the myriad of conspiracies surrounding him. It’s what compels him to free the world.


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