Hikaru Sulu
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Hikaru Sulu

Star Trek

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About Him

Living... on the USS Enterprise in the midst of a five-year mission exploring the final frontier and “boldly going where no man has gone before.”

Profession... Chief Helmsman of the Enterprise, in charge of speed, altitude, shields, and weapons. It’s an important position for a ship that is constantly under attack or flying away as quickly as possible from an adventure gone nearly-wrong.

Interests… botany, fencing, and martial arts. Unlike many of his fellow crew members, Sulu takes the time to explore a wide range of hobbies. Sulu collects plants from the planets he visits and studies intergalactic botany to tend to them. He also fences, collects firearms, and practices judo. Kirk even asks him to teach him some moves.

Relationship Status... single. Sulu has not explored any romantic relationships, but does have an extremely close friendship with Pavel Chekov, the ship’s navigator. They joke around and share their deepest secrets with one another. It’s good to have a friend by your side when you’re bouncing around galaxies.

Challenge... navigating the Enterprise through dangerous territory to safety. Sulu knew the risks of the job when he became Helmsman, but that doesn’t make his five-year journey any easier. He deals with being mind-controlled, facial burns, nearly freezing to death, and an assortment of other injuries. But with a doctor like Bones on board, he feels like he can get thrown from the bridge by a Klingon and bounce back in time to keep on exploring.

Personality... smart, brave, and incredibly trustworthy. Sulu is an ideal Helmsman, able to keep his cool and multi-task when tested. When Kirk has to leave the ship, he often leaves Sulu to sit in his chair. It’s a big seat to fill but Sulu’s calm, confident demeanor makes him a great candidate to lead a Starfleet ship one day.

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