Harold Lee
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Harold Lee

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

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About Him

Grew up… in a high-pressure Korean-American household. Since the day he was born, Harold has strived (and succeeded) in meeting the high expectations that were continually placed upon him.

Living… in an apartment with his best friend, Kumar Patel. At first glance, they couldn’t be more different. Harold is a high-achieving, borderline neurotic investment banker, and Kumar is a laid back rebel who refuses to conform to societies expectations. However, the two are united by their shared love of smoking marijuana after a long day.

Profession… investment banker. Harold is proud of his job and does everything in his power to excel at it – even taking on his coworkers’ workloads if they ask him too. While he’s clearly a model employee, his desire to please everyone gives his coworkers the opportunity to take advantage of him and exploit his work ethic for their own personal gain.

Interests… professional success and smoking pot. Harold is so put together that you’d never peg him as a stoner, but when he gets home at night, he can’t wait to light up and chill out with his best friend Kumar.

Relationship status… single, which is hard for Harold because he’s a hopeless romantic. A fan of movies like 16 Candles, Harold dreams of the day when he’ll find his own Samantha Baker. He’s convinced that he’ll end up with a hard-working, repressed Korean-American named Cindy Kim. But he’s powerless to deny his attraction to their neighbor down the hall, Maria Perez.

Challenge… making the pilgrimage to the greatest of burger joints: White Castle. After Harold smokes a “Friday night special” joint with Kumar, the two are hit with a mean case of the munchies. Hungry and unsure of what to eat, the two are hypnotized by the fast food rapture promised in a White Castle commercial. Determined to satisfy their craving, the two set out on a simple errand to White Castle that spirals out of control and becomes the quest of a lifetime.

Personality… sensible, hard-working, and uptight. Harold oscillates between worrying about everything and worrying about nothing. Although he frequently criticizes his best friend Kumar for his lack of foresight, Kumar balances out Harold’s neurotic tendencies. The two complement each other and couldn’t exist nearly as happily without each other – a fact you’d never guess from their persistent bickering.

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