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About Him

Grew Up...with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father Lucious’ favorite (and youngest) son, Hakeem has never wanted for anything.

Living... in New York, with the rest of the Lyons.

Profession... rapper. However, Hakeem seems to fancy himself something of a bad boy, showing up hung-over to recordings and speaking unabashedly to whomever he wants. It takes Cookie, his estranged mother who was just released from prison, to remind him: “You need to stop rappin’ like you from the streets, ’cause you not about that life!”

Interests... drinking, chasing girls, and living the good life. Accustomed to his father rectifying his mistakes, Hakeem is unafraid to be self-indulgent. Unfortunately, that may come at the expense of his career.

Relationship Status... single, but definitely looking. Always pursuing the next girl, Hakeem finally meets his match in fellow artist Tiana Brown, who finds him “phony” and refuses to give into him so easily. Finally met with a challenge, Hakeem actually needs to work hard to get the girl.

Challenge... proving himself worthy of inheriting the Empire. That is, Empire Entertainment – his father’s successful hip-hop music label. Despite his talent, Hakeem is encumbered by a sense of entitlement that prevents him from reaching his potential. Moreover, when his mother, Cookie Lyon, returns from prison, Hakeem lashes out because he resents her for not being there as he was growing up. But this understandable resentment manifests itself as brattiness, further stifling his chance at growth and success. 

Personality... cocky and undisciplined, but very talented. Hakeem has big dreams: “I don't wanna win the game. I wanna change it.” However, his lack of maturity also makes him his own worst enemy. Thus, when his mother, father, and older brother, Andre, force him to compete with his favorite brother and friend, Jamal, Hakeem is both extremely vulnerable and at a disadvantage because he does not have the ability to harness his talent properly.

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