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About Him

Grew Up... in Japan. Guy was born in Metro City but spent most of his childhood in Japan with his mother. Without positive influences in his life, he was a bit of a troublemaker.   

Living... in Metro City. Alas, Metro City is an urban wasteland full of violent gangs like Mad Gear.

Profession... ninja master. Guy’s life changed forever after meeting Zeku, the 38th Bushin Master. As Zeku’s student, Guy mastered the Bushin Ryu Ninpo, or Spiritual Warrior School of Ninja Arts.

Interests... spiritual martial arts. Guy is very dedicated to his ninja way. After all, he helped rediscover the secrets of the ancient art that might have otherwise been lost forever. He is always trying to learn more about the craft and test his own limits. As he says, “The power of Bushin Ryu shall be my quill.”

Relationship Status... single. Guy’s passion for martial arts seems to trump any potential romantic interests. However, he is very close to his friend and training partner Cody, even after Cody’s incarceration.

Challenge... rescuing Jessica, the daughter of Mayor Mike Haggar. Mayor Haggar promised to clean up Metro City after he was elected. Naturally, Mad Gear and other criminals weren’t happy about that. To blakmail Haggar into ignoring their illegal activities, Mad Gear kidnapped his daughter Jessica, who also happens to be Cody’s girlfriend. Now Guy and Cody must fight their way through the dangerous streets to rescue her.                

Personality... focused and honorable. Guy is a noble, dedicated spiritual warrior. Once he sees his path, nothing can deter him from it. However, he only fights when necessary and wants other to be free to follow their own paths. 

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