What We Do In The Shadows
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… inspired by Antonio Banderas’s role in Interview With A Vampire. As he explains, he had never seen a Hispanic vampire before, and he thought: if he can do it, why can’t I?

Living… in a tiny closet within a giant house. Why not in a bedroom? Because the bedrooms belong to the vampires Guillermo lives with, and he’s not considered important enough to have one. He’s decorated his closet with art of him and his master, and made it as cozy as possible.

Profession… vampire familiar. Guillermo works for Nandor the Relentless, hoping that eventually Nandor will make him a vampire. Being a familiar involves a lot of work, everything from dusting the chandeliers, to taking notes, to finding victims for the vampires to eat. And then getting rid of the corpses afterward.

Interests… LARPing, or live action roleplaying, although that seems to be mostly in order to get a supply of virgins for the vampires to eat. Guillermo is more up to date on movies and the internet than his undead roommates, but he’s kept pretty busy by Nandor’s constant demands, so it’s hard to say when he finds the time to relax.

Relationship Status… single. Nandor doesn’t really give him days off to go on dates.

Challenge… achieving immortality. Guillermo does everything for Nandor, and puts up with constant insults and humiliation, all to achieve his dream of becoming a vampire. But he’s starting to wonder if Nandor is ever planning on actually turning him, and it’s creating resentment.

Personality… conscientious, competent, and intelligent. Guillermo spends all his time working for others, and he’s good at it, carefully keeping the vampires and their household on track. He’s patient with their eccentricities and able to see their good sides, but sometimes he gets impatient with the façade he has to keep up. He’s more intelligent than he’s allowed to show, and more capable than he gets credit for.


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