Gregory House

Gregory House

    House M.D.
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... alone in a house in the New Jersey area.  He spends most of his time at the hospital in which he works and prefers to be referred to simply as "House". House suffered from a serious blood clot in his leg about a decade ago, which now forces him to walk with a cane and causes him great pain daily. 

Profession... Head of Diagnostic Medicine at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House leads a team of handpicked young doctors at the hospital. But his dry, sarcastic humor and cynical approach to his work makes him a frustrating superior to deal with.

Interests... solving puzzles, riding his motorcycle, playing his guitar and piano, listening to music loudly in his office, and pestering his fellow doctor and friend, James Wilson. As Wilson tells House, "You’ve got the Rubik's complex. You need to solve the puzzle.” This is to say, House treats every patient as if they were a mental game or code in need of cracking and will not stop until he is able to do so, often with the unfortunate result of dehumanizing his patients. The rest of his habits are usually obnoxious and childish in order to deliberately provoke his colleagues’ tempers.

Relationship Status... murky. House used to be in a relationship with a woman named Stacy Warner, the General Counsel at Princeton-Plainsboro. Now, House's main interest is Lisa Cuddy, a woman he met in college and who later becomes his superior at Princeton-Plainsboro. They deny their feelings for each other and constantly bicker over their work. In general, though, House spends most of his time hovering around his best (if not only) friend, Dr. Wilson.

Challenge... saving his patients from mysterious and deadly ailments without losing his job in the process. Although he regularly proves that he is one of the best in the field, due to his abrasive and unorthodox behavior House is frequently on the outs with the other hospital employees, including his superiors. He is seen as apathetic towards the patients he is supposed to care about and is criticized for his regular abuse of Vicodin (though it is for chronic leg pain, and as he puts it, "I do not have a pain management problem; I have a pain problem"). Still, even if what his colleagues say is true, his excellent track record in saving patients from the brink of death speaks for itself.

Personality... brilliant,pessimistic, self-indulgent, sardonic, proud, and irritable. House hides most of his emotions behind his ever-present snide and witty comebacks. He receives a lot of flak for coming off as unsympathetic towards his patients and for being relatively unmoved by anything that occurs in the hospital. However, distancing himself from the emotional labor of being a physician in this way allows him to approach problems logically and with a clear-headed perspective, making him one of the best doctors around. It can also make him a real pain in the ass.


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