Ginger Grant
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Ginger Grant

Gilligan's Island

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About Her

Living… on an uncharted desert isle three miles off the coast of Honolulu. She’s among the least equipped for island living – she can’t swim and she can barely cook. She shares a hut with Mary Ann. And she is easily spooked by the island’s mysterious elements, as well as the creepy wildlife – particularly bats.

Profession… a “movie star.” Ginger relishes name-dropping and casually mentioning A-listers as acquaintances, though her own filmography mainly consists of bit roles in minor productions. She takes her persona as a Hollywood starlet very seriously, constantly reciting lines from films and plays she’s been in. Before the boat crash, she was scheduled to play the role of Cleopatra in the Broadway production of “Pyramid for Two,” a role she’s convinced would’ve catapulted her to stardom.

Interests… singing, fishing, taking mud baths, and helping the other castaways however she can. She’s something of a resident nurse on the island, as nursing would have been her alternate career path if Hollywood hadn’t called her name. She also occasionally helps the Professor with his experiments and acts as the island’s hair stylist.

Relationship Status… single. While all the men on the island pine for Ginger to varying degrees, she’s particularly attracted to the Professor. Though they share romantic moments, nothing substantial ever develops between them. For now, they will merely have to bask in the sexual tension of dressing up in lab coats and performing scientific experiments together.

Challenge… making due with her situation. Ginger resents missing out on her chance of making it in Hollywood, and yet it’s almost ideal for a delusional actress to be stranded on a deserted island. She can be the biggest star in town and tell the other castaways anything about her life off the island. She has a knack for using experiences from film roles to help the castaways get out of messes.

Personality… alluring and insecure. While Ginger oozes sex appeal, she’s among the most self-obsessed castaways. She is constantly worried about her appearance, her clothing, her career, and gossip. This makes her seem more down-to-earth and approachable despite her glamorous outward appearance.

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