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Gilligan's Island

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Living… on an uncharted desert isle three hours off the coast of Honolulu. After a storm left his boat ship-wrecked, Gilligan and the rest of the boat’s passengers were stranded without any means of communication.

Profession… former soldier. He previously served in the U.S. Navy with Skipper, who saved him from being struck and killed by a runaway depth charge. Once Skipper retired, he bought the Minnow and hired Gilligan as first mate. But Gilligan wasn’t a very good one. The passengers of the Minnow became stranded partly because of his clumsiness. During a storm, he threw an anchor overboard without a rope attached, leaving the Minnow shipwrecked.

Interests… comic books, skateboarding, Buck Rogers, and Mary Ann’s coconut cream pies. His prized possessions are his spy ring, boy scout handbook, platinum yo-yo and Yogi bear bottle caps. He also enjoys making jokes about the Skipper’s weight. He performs most of the manual labor on the island without complaint, and according to the Skipper, can “run as fast a rabbit and climb a tree like a monkey.”

Relationship Status… single, with good reason. Gilligan often gets nervous around girls.

Challenge… getting off the island. Gilligan is a big part of the reason they’re stranded and remain stranded. Unfortunately, he brought his accident-prone nature to the island with him, frequently ruining his fellow castaways’ plans of getting back to civilization. He takes poorly to the island’s exotic nature, making him a victim of insects and mind-reading seeds.

Personality… lovable klutz. Disaster follows Gilligan wherever he goes. While he often intentionally spoils the rest of the gang’s plans and efforts, he’s still well liked because of his good nature and innocence. Unlike the others, he is never manipulative and maintains a good spirit despite the circumstances. He’s among the most compassionate and sensitive of the group, but also the least brave. He is thoughtful and kind with a good sense of humor, though at times he makes others laugh unintentionally through his misunderstandings and bumbling nature.

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