Garth Algar
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Garth Algar

Wayne's World

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About Him

Grew Up… with his lifelong best friend Wayne Campbell. The two were inseparable as children and now they are inseparable as adults… though they still basically act like children.

Living… during the dawn of new hope. Garth and Wayne host a cable-access TV show called “Wayne’s World” based in Aurora, Illinois, and for the first time, they’re actually given a chance to make it to the big time. Television producer Benjamin Kane offers them money up front to buy the rights to their show, and promises to keep them on as hosts. With their newfound money, Wayne and Garth start to turn some of their wacky dreams into a reality.

Profession… co-host of “Wayne’s World.” On the show, they spend a lot of time playing air-guitar and air-drums, and even more time looking at sexy photographs of female celebrities. But their true interest on the show is showing their love for music and their local culture. Wayne is definitely the more outgoing and talkative member of the pair, both on and off the air, but together they find a nice balance.

Interests… hard rock, heavy metal, and drums. Although he mostly plays air drums, when Garth is given the opportunity to bash on a real set he shows that he actually has extremely good rhythmic skills. In response to amazed compliments, Garth simply mutters, “I like to play.”

Relationship Status… single. He is very timid around women – and all other people, for that matter. Garth needs to find himself a foxy lady who understands him and shares his love for Twizzlers and rock and roll. He’d likely have a better chance if he didn’t freeze up in the presence of every attractive woman.

Challenge… hosting a successful show while remaining in control creatively. Wayne and Garth soon realize that the price for working with big producers is that you must give in to the dogmatic laws of marketing and advertising. Garth and Wayne would rather keep things the way they always were than fold under the pressure of product placement. Garth also sometimes chafes against the perception that he is merely Wayne’s sidekick.

Personality… nervous, shy, and soft-spoken. Garth becomes extremely anxious in stressful situations. But when it comes to feeling the music, and appreciating a fine female specimen, Garth is quick to express himself with timeless catch-phrases like, “Schwing!” Maybe he is a second banana after all, but he’s a loyal and surprisingly capable one.

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