Gabrielle Solis

Gabrielle Solis

    Desperate Housewives
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Texas. Gabrielle’s childhood took a turn for the worse after her father’s death. She became the victim of molestation at the hands of her new stepfather, which ruined her relationship with her mother and gave her an understandably jaded view of men. She packed her bags and left Texas for New York City, where she began a successful career as a model.

Living… the quiet life – maybe too quiet. Retired from modeling, Gabrielle has settled down with her wealthy husband Carlos on Wisteria Lane, a picturesque American street. They have the biggest house on the block and a Maserati in the driveway. And she is particularly proud that she and Carlos are a Hispanic couple with a white gardner. 

Profession… housewife, technically. But it's not much work for Gabrielle. She has a lot of help.  

Interests… herself. She's fabulous; just ask her.

Relationship Status… married to Carlos, an ambitious executive who has a temper almost as volatile as hers. Although Gabrielle cares about Carlos, her eyes have been wandering a bit lately. They’ve tended to rest on her teenage gardener’s abs.

Challenge… feeling unfufilled. Even though Gabrielle has everything she could possibly want, she is surprisingly unhappy. Maybe money doesn't buy happiness after all. But Gabrielle believes differently: “Sure it can. That’s just a lie we tell poor people to keep them from rioting.”

Personality… vain, selfish, immoral, and superficial. Those don't sound like the traits of someone you would like, but Gabrielle somehow pulls it off. She is so charming and fun that you sometimes forget her many flaws.  


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