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Living... alone in a large house in Portland, Oregon. He spends most of his time walking around the city and exploring the local flavor with his best friend Carrie.

Profession... none. Fred doesn't work very consistently. He and Carrie sometimes function as task runners for the mayor of Portland, doing odd jobs for him (such as writing an official jingle for the city). Generally, Fred is financially stable enough to just hang out around town.

Interests... music. Fred classifies himself as a "former musician." He used to be in a few different bands and still plays from time to time. He is very interested in what is happening in Portland’s music scene, often going to indie shows. Fred even gets Carrie to give him a crash course on the history of hip-hop in order to boost his musical knowledge.

Relationship Status... single. Fred plays the field a bit, but often with pretty odd results. For example, after what he thinks is a fairly successful evening out, he is audited by a “date fact-checker” to verify the small talk he has made over dinner. Fred isn't unsuccessful at dating; he’s just met with strange circumstances on a regular basis.

Challenge... trudging through the excessive amounts of hip new trends in Portland to get the simple things he wants. Fred likes things to be straightforward and easy, which is challenging when you live in Portland. At one of many themed restaurants he and Carrie visit, he is told by the waiter, "I'm sorry we don't have iced tea, we only have smile tea. It's tea with ice.

Personality... fairly timid. He often gets stuck in situations he is uncomfortable with because he assert his way out of them. Fred is relatively disjointed, seemingly unable to find one thing to commit to, but is very good at following through with his promises, and has proven to be a great friend to Carrie.

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