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Franz Kafka


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Living… in Prague.  Kafka's lived in the city his whole life, and frankly, it's not that different from when he was a child. Nothing seems to ever change: "even the so-called New Town isn't so new.  Only the people.  People of the future living in buildings of the past.”

Profession… insurance salesman, but by necessity, not choice. If Kakfa had his way, he'd be a writer – it's what he's best at, as his friend Bizzlebeck can attest. An artist himself, Bizzlebeck thinks that Kafka should quit his job and write as a journalist, but Kafka views that as compromise, something far beyond him.

Interests… writing fiction. Though he's got a boring job, Kafka's always had a knack for writing, which he views as essential to his life. Kafka views his eloquent, often obtuse fiction as deeply personal, declaring that, “my writing is not for making a living - it's for living. Not for other people, it's for me."

Relationship Status… single, and resigned to inevitable failure. Kafka prefers to stay to himself, and a relationship is the last thing he's looking for. Surprisingly Gabriela, the stunning girlfriend of one of his coworkers, is starting to notice him.

Challenge… finding out what happened to his coworker. Kafka hasn't see Eduard in a while, and in Eduard's absence, all files on him have vanished. He could just be missing – or he could be dead. And with all old files sent up to the impenetrable, Kafka’s afraid he'll never know the truth. 

Personality… creative, intelligent, and introverted. Kafka’s been with his firm for nearly a decade, and he's always been a diligent worker – no complaints there.  But in his nine years at the firm, Kafka hasn't made many friends: he's a lone wolf. Between writing and unraveling all of the mysteries plaguing him, Kafka doesn't exactly have much time to socialize. 

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