Frank N. Furter

Frank N. Furter

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a Gothic castle. Frank’s huge mansion has a laboratory within it, in which the doctor invents his latest horrifying creations. An assortment of other strange people keep him company – although they might well be creations themselves.

Visiting… Earth. It seems that the illustrious Frank N. Furter is neither entirely normal nor human. As Frank states, he’s “just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual, Transylvania” on “the planet of Transsexual, in the galaxy of Transylvania.”

Profession... scientist. Dr. Frank N. Furter is hosting the Annual Transylvanian Convention, a gathering of strange and bizarrely dressed people. He has a new experiment to show off, and he couldn’t be more excited.

Interests… singing. Frank is all about putting on a good show, and spends his time cross-dressing, putting on bold makeup, and singing in his castle. However, the doctor also has a passion for invention, and just recently brought to life his next great creation to show off at the convention.

Relationship Status… single, but flirty. He loves a good romp in the sheets and is always looking for his next willing candidate to, as he puts it, “ease my tension.” He’s been a little lonely lately, though…

Challenge… seducing everyone in his castle. When the virginal and confused couple Brad and Janet stumble through a Time Warp, Frank hopes to bring them to their knees, literally. Frank’s untamed passion for sex makes him want to sleep with everyone. However, he is a jealous type and doesn’t take too kindly to others butting in.

Personality… flamboyant, promiscuous, and sinister. Frank struts around his castle, performing for his guests and his own entertainment. His dramatic timing is perfect, and he has a gift for the shocking reveal. But he’s not all fun and games – all his passions run high, and this includes his temper. He’ll manipulate and use violence, as long as it gets him what he wants.


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