Character Recommendations Based on Frank N. Furter

Hedwig Hedwig and the Angry Inch

A lost soul with a punk rock spirit

Rayon Dallas Buyers Club

Kinder to the world than the world is to her

Angel Dumott Schunard Rent

A big personality and even bigger heart

David Wooderson Dazed and Confused

All right, all right, all right!

Jackie Brown Jackie Brown

Not your everyday flight attendant

Hayley Stark Hard Candy

A sarcastic 14-year-old with an unusual passion

Edwin Hoover Little Miss Sunshine

A doting grandfather who just happens to have a heroin addiction and a penchant for swearing

Eli Let the Right One In

Willing to do whatever it take to protect herself – forever

Jareth the Goblin King Labyrinth

Arrogant, mischievous, and manipulative, Jareth is both a playful romantic and a formidable foe

Marge Gunderson Fargo

Marge embodies the very best of the American Midwest. She's kind, friendly, and fiercely honest