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Francisco Cruz

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Overview… a South Bronx businessman and political boss. In 1970s New York, the city, especially the Bronx, is suffering from violence, poverty, and corruption. Francisco – known to all as “Papa Fuerte” – wants to bring new life into his corner of the city. He provides jobs, food, healthcare, and more to the residents of his neighborhood, and he’s planning on expanding with a new community center. He sees the potential of the neighborhood and its people. But it takes more than idealism to make change, and he’s not afraid to make deals and get his hands dirty in pursuit of his goals.

Personality… cheerful, outgoing, and pragmatic. Papa Fuerte is known by everyone from street urchins to the mayor’s office, and seems equally comfortable in every situation. The smile almost never slips from his face, and his enthusiasm when describing a revitalized Bronx is infectious. But make no mistake, he’s a dangerous guy. Someone so well-connected is bound to have a few aces up his sleeve, and he does plenty of favors that he can call in when he needs to.

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