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A Bug's Life

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Grew Up… in an ant colony called Ant Island, which is surrounded by a riverbed. Each year, a group of grasshoppers, led by the battle-scarred Hopper, demands a tribute of food from the residents of Ant Island. While the rest of his peers are content to let the much larger insects walk all over them, Flik questions why they have to provide for the brutish grasshoppers.

Living… as somewhat of an outcast. Flik is notorious for his quirky inventions that rarely work, and many of his fellow ants don’t take him seriously. One of his creations was supposed to help pick crops for the yearly offering to the grasshoppers, but it ended up ruining their entire harvest's supply. This debacle angered Hopper, so now he’s demanding the ants give them double the offering by the end of autumn.

Visiting… the “big city” (a heap of trash under a trailer) to find bigger bugs to help the citizens of Ant Island fight the grasshoppers. Instead of warriors, however, Flik unwittingly brings a troupe of circus bugs back to defend Ant Island.

Profession… explorer and inventor. Flik is a freethinker, but unfortunately an ant colony is not the best environment for someone who likes to go against the grain. His ant brethren don’t realize his full potential because they’re too busy laughing at his failures.

Interests… inventions, ideas and improving the quality of life for those in the colony. One of his many ideas is to create large, fake birds (à la Trojan horses) to theatrically scare off the grasshoppers.

Relationship Status… single. But he has a huge crush on Princess Atta, the Queen’s beautiful daughter. Flik may not be the smoothest ant, but his courage and determination to help his colony may be enough to win the princess over.

Challenge… saving Ant Island from Hopper and his invertebrate thugs. Flik’s radical claim that he and the other ants are being oppressed by the grasshoppers is met with a lot of resistance at first. Despite the lack of support from his colony, Flik musters up the courage to stand up to Hopper: "I've seen these ants do great things, and year after year they somehow manage to pick food for themselves and you. So who is the weaker species?”

Personality… optimistic, bumbling, and free-spirited. Flik may be seen as eccentric, but his passion for inventing is really driven by his desire to help those on Ant Island lead the best lives possible. Although he’s smaller than the grasshoppers who threaten him, Flik’s courage and loyalty do not waver.

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