Evan Baxter
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Evan Baxter

Evan Almighty

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About Him

Living… in Prestige Crest, Virginia, in a huge house in Northern Virginia with his wife, Joan, and three sons.

Profession… former weatherman. Evan lost his job as a weatherman when he was embarrassed on air by his rival, Bruce Nolan. But now Evan has had the last laugh. He ran for Congress and won. As a freshman congressman, he has joined up with powerful Representative Long to cosponsor a land development bill.

Interests… changing the world. Evan asked God to give him the power to make a difference as a Congressman. But as Evan finds out the hard way, you need to be careful for what you wish for. God granted his wish by transforming Evan into a modern day Noah – complete with an incredibly long beard. Evan is now followed by pairs of exotic animals wherever he goes.

Relationship Status… on the rocks. Everyone thinks that Evan is insane. Joan is threatening to leave him, and his relationship with his constituency is not any better.

Challenge… building his own Ark before a flood will wipe out the city. And given the fact that Evan is not the handiest of guys, he has his work cut out for him. He has hammered his thumb more times than he has hammered the wood panels for the Ark. Thankfully, God gave him a helpful book as a resource: Ark Building For Dummies.

Personality… humbled. Evan used to be pretty cocky and self-involved. But through this process, he has realized that not he is not Evan “Almighty” after all. Even though he is not having the easiest time, Evan still manages to laugh at his situation as much as he can. 

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